Your Nest Is Calling

If you've been to our Farmers Market booth in previous years, you're familiar with the beautiful yarn, roving, batts and raw fleece produced by our flock of Romney sheep. At market I loved to watch as passersby were often drawn to the booth by the undeniable magnetism of wool in its natural loveliness. Wool just calls to be touched.

The Far Reach Of Your Food Dollar

We've said it before and we'll say it many times again: Your local food dollars have more value than you know. Every time you buy a One Straw package of ground beef or a dozen eggs, you are supporting not only our small family farm but all the related small farms and farm businesses that we rely on.

Pandemic Pricing Fallout

This Is Not Your Typical Marketing Announcement. In the regular world of commerce, I don't believe I've ever seen a company advertise a price increase. From a marketing perspective, it really doesn't seem like good business to draw attention to negative implications. But we're not in the regular world of sales.

What Size Is That Egg?

Pullet eggs are here! Remember back to Spring when you were subjected to all those photos of cute baby chicks? Well, those little balls of fluff have quickly grown into young hens (pullets) and are starting to lay eggs!

Cape Cleare Salmon

New to the One Straw Farm! We are beyond excited to announce that we now carry delicious wild Alaskan Coho salmon fillets from Cape Cleare Fishery of Port Townsend. Hook and line caught, one fish at a time, in the icy waters of Alaska and then flash frozen at sea for maximum freshness, this may be the best fish you ever eat!

Toward Lasting Change

With numerous plant closures due to COVID-19 and the resulting disruption in the national meat supply chain, meat processing has been a fixture in the news cycle for months now. Inevitably these national disruptions trickle down to the local level, and last week the Seattle Times ran a front page story about our local meat processing system. Local meat on the front page? You better believe we noticed!

Field Trips for Farmers

When you're cranking a ratchet strap on one side of the trailer and hoping the end on the other side stays hooked, it turns out it actually is useful to have a three year old who likes to pull on ropes. And when a one year old (who looooves to climb on things) is entertained, it's as good as having help! Haha.