The best LOW-MESS way to decorate Easter Eggs!

Growing up, we always had a small flock of hens to provide our eggs. It seems special to have brown eggs, unless you're a kid at Easter and all the advertisements show pretty pastel dyed eggs in the Easter baskets. You just can't make spring green, sky blue, baby pink, or sunshine yellow out of a brown egg. We used to beg our mother to buy store eggs for Easter.

Over The Rainbow

One of our most frequently asked questions is some form of “why are you farming?” It’s a great question with many difficult to articulate and interwoven answers! But on this St. Patrick’s Day it seems a fitting time to share one of my all-time favorite photos and, with it, my over-the-rainbow story.

Favorite Quiche with Tips & Variations (Recipe)

Quiche makes a lovely Sunday brunch addition, but we prefer it for dinner as a hearty main course. It is also endlessly adaptable to fit the season and whatever you have in your fridge! Here is our favorite basic recipe plus some tips and tricks to make it your family's new favorite meal.

Delicious, Nutritious, Beautiful Eggs

What's up with the different egg colors? Do the mahogany eggs taste better? Do the blue/green celadon eggs have more nutritional quality? Farm fresh eggs are superior to commercial eggs, in both taste and quality, but it's not the shell color.

Savory Sides & Sweet Treats

It's hard work to cook everything from scratch. Honestly, sometimes I really just want to open a can of something for dinner. Really, really want to! But then I look at the label. Or I long for a store-bought dessert and then am regretful when the preservatives don't settle well and the experience is ruined. Thankfully there's help!

The Paths We Follow

Each year I am grateful as the Winter Solstice arrives, ushering in the slow but steady return of longer days. It adds to the feeling of hope as the preparations for Christmas and the New Year are in their fullness of expectation.

Your Nest Is Calling

If you've been to our Farmers Market booth in previous years, you're familiar with the beautiful yarn, roving, batts and raw fleece produced by our flock of Romney sheep. At market I loved to watch as passersby were often drawn to the booth by the undeniable magnetism of wool in its natural loveliness. Wool just calls to be touched.

The Far Reach Of Your Food Dollar

We've said it before and we'll say it many times again: Your local food dollars have more value than you know. Every time you buy a One Straw package of ground beef or a dozen eggs, you are supporting not only our small family farm but all the related small farms and farm businesses that we rely on.