Farmstead Ricotta - The fresh taste of Spring!

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April 14, 2021

IT'S BACK ~ Farmstead Ricotta

The fresh taste of Spring, available for a limited time only!

Spring has arrived, which means our friends at Mystery Bay Farm on Marrowstone are making their delicious Farmstead Ricotta Cheese. This is a seasonal specialty, only available in the early days of Spring, and usually only available direct from the hands of the farmer. We are so grateful that Rachael, farmer and cheesemaker extraordinaire, entrusts us to be her extended hands, delivering this truly fresh cheese from her hands to yours.

Here's what Rachael from Mystery Bay has to say:

"Our Farmstead Ricotta is a spring staple here on the farm and for a dedicated bunch of local customers. Its delicate, almost sweet, milky flavor highlights the essence of milk's simple transformation into cheese. Our all-time favorite cheese on the farm is fresh Ricotta baked in our cob oven. Eaten warm, each piece is quickly taken and extras are coveted. Thank you all for supporting our farm during this interesting time. We have a lot of milk and we're doing our best to turn it into nutritious, local cheese and yogurt for all of you. Be well and enjoy the essentials.” ~Rachael

So for a limited time we are excited to be offering this delicious, versatile cheese exclusively to you on the One Straw Farmstore. If you've never tried it, we can tell you that it is nothing like the tub of boring "ricotta" you're used to finding in the supermarket - it goes way, way beyond. You won't find this fresh, unique offering in any grocery store!

Recipes from the farm:

  • Bake at 350 on parchment paper for about 15 minutes. Broil at the end for a golden brown finish. Eat plain or drizzled with olive oil, honey or your favorite liqueur.
  • Slice on toast with an egg, pesto and/ name it!
  • Cubed on top of salad or stirred into curries.
  • Cubed and pan fried with toasted cumin seeds, sesame oil and topped with fresh tarragon. (This is a stand alone delight!)
  • Need more ideas? See MB Farm’s website under ‘Products’ (here) for two recipe collections.

Mystery Bay Farm is a mere stone's throw from One Straw, so your order is packed fresh specifically for you, just in time to be delivered with care. Order Farmstead Ricotta (here) and enjoy the fresh taste of Spring!

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