Rolling out the Ritz-Cluckin

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July 14, 2021

Meet the Ritz-Cluckin

From an abandoned RV (an ancient's a farmer joke) to an egg-mobile for our pasture-raised hens, this was a Frederickson Family project run away with itself. Farmhand Eli spent the winter planning the mural and impatiently waiting to get to the fun painting part while Farmer Martin retrofitted the inside as a mobile chicken coop.

Farmhand Vera quickly discovered that the old can of sample paint we wanted to use up was oil-based, not water based like we'd thought. Oops. It took several weeks to get the green paint out of her hair! And she may have painted over one of Eli's ladybugs while no one was watching...So we all had fun!

We like to think that the eggs gathered from this mobile art installation taste a bit better for having been laid in such a colorful setting. You'll have to try some out and decide for yourself. (Don't forget the bacon!)

Cheerful ants, ladybugs, and tiny handprints welcome the girls as they head up the ramp to lay eggs, grab a bite to eat, or head off to bed after a long day of scratching up bugs. The large purple patch is Farmhand Vera's reimagining of Farmhand Eli's meticulously painted ladybug.We're obviously pretty proud of our handiwork :) If you just have to see it for yourself (who knew the Farmer Fredericksons could paint!), we invite you to choose Marrowstone pickup for your order this week. The Ritz-Cluckin is right along the driveway and the hens will give you a nice welcome. Some of the cows are grazing along the driveway, too. It's like a micro self-guided farm tour, all from the comfort of your air conditioned car!

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