Are you ready for the best Burger Night EVER?

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October 25, 2023


We just had the best burger night ever.

And that is really saying something, because every Friday night is Burger Night at the Frederickson house.

With three little kids and the farm, one of the ways we stay sane is to standardize some of our meal nights so we never have to wonder "what's for dinner".

And to successfully feed three small children the same thing every week, it has to be something they absolutely love.

Enter Friday Burger Nights.

No one in our house ever gets tired of burgers, even the adults, because the burger toppings always change a bit with the seasons. 

Yes, tomatoes now. No tomatoes in January, but plenty of onion and pickles. And thank goodness for the first fresh lettuce in the Spring.

You get the idea.

So we really do have burgers every Friday night, which means we have a lot of chances to get it right.

52 a year, to be exact.

So what made Burger Night #38 of 2023 so special?

Our new premium Bacon Burger Patties!

These are a brand new offering in the One Straw lineup, and we have no doubt they will become an instant classic.

Just what makes them so exceptionally praise-worthy?

Richly flavored ground chuck.

Plus just the right amount of your favorite hickory smoke bacon.

Ever notice how grocery store pre-made burger patties seem like a good idea but are tough and unappealing?

But no need to worry about that here.

These premium burger patties are absolutely tender and juicy with the perfect balance of flavors.

We didn’t even season these patties, and they were divine right off the grill.

And so easy, with the perfectly portioned 1/3 pound pre-formed patties.

Honestly, this might be my favorite product we have ever released!

I’m so excited to share them with you, that I’m even willing to share this rather messy candid moment of the Farmhands and Farmer chowing down at the Frederickson dinner table.


The Farmhands almost got the table cleared before we put food on the table ;)

Check out Farmhand Baby Grace’s plate. 

It’s almost empty because we always get her started first. (She likes to help set the table and the only way to get her to stop adding more and more silverware is to feed her.)

Normally she’d be down from the table and running around before the rest of us even start eating.

But on this burger night even I got to enjoy my dinner with two hands, without a bouncing kiddo on my lap, because she stayed in her seat and asked for seconds.

And then thirds.

Of the Bacon Burger Patties, of course!

For this trial run we kept it simple and served the patties with just local lettuce, tomatoes, and a bit of onion.

We really wanted to get a feel for the flavor and bite of these new patties.

And they were absolutely perfect.

They really need nothing else.

In fact, they don’t need a bun or any condiments at all.

You could just serve the burger as a main dish, with whatever sides you fancy, and be WAY beyond content.

But as with all things bacon, the urge to try more magic combos is strong.

You know, those maple-bacon donuts, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped anything…

So we’re already itching to try these already-perfect new patties out with cheddar cheese.

And then blue cheese, next (one of my personal favorite burger toppings).

Maybe caramelized onions and sautéed jalapeños?

The possibilities are endless.

Me oh my, I can hardly wait for our next burger night…

How many days until Friday?!

Click here to buy fabulous Bacon Burger Patties now.

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