Bacon Burger Patties

Bacon Burger Patties

2 (5 oz) patties/pkg

Get ready for the best Burger Night EVER.

Made with richly flavored ground chuck plus just the right amount of your favorite hickory smoke bacon.

These premium burger patties are absolutely tender and juicy with the perfect balance of flavors.

They're not even on the same planet as tough, cardboard-tasting patties from the grocery store case.

You don't even need to season them. Just open a package of these perfectly portioned 1/3 pound patties and you're ready to cook up a praiseworthy burger night.

They're delicious right off the grill with any of your favorite burger toppings.

Or even as a stand-alone bun-free main course.

2 (5oz) patties per package.

All meat is sold frozen.



Zero-grain beef, pasture-raised natural pork bacon cured with (sea salt, paprika, turbinado sugar, celery powder, spices, natural hickory smoke concentrate).