Spare Ribs - Half Rack

Spare Ribs - Half Rack

$11.49 /lb.
Avg. 2.25 lb.

Nothing says summer - even in the dead of winter - like a platter of meaty spare ribs slathered in your favorite sauce. 

In the One Straw kitchen we generously apply a spice rub, bake in the oven for several hours and finish on the grill or under the broiler with our favorite barbecue sauce. 

Make sure to check out our delicious recipe below. It's definitely been an all-time customer favorite.

You’ll need extra napkins!

This is a half rack of spare ribs cut St Louis Style. Weights range from 2 to 2.75 pounds.

We recommend figuring about 0.75 - 1 lb per person, plus plan extra for leftovers.

All meat is sold frozen.

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