3 lb Ham Roast

3 lb Ham Roast

$17.95 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

These scrumptious boneless hams have all of the good stuff you want – fantastic flavor, juicy tenderness, and an ingredient list you can feel good about.

And none of the bad stuff you don’t want – no MSG, no synthetic nitrates, and no GMO ingredients.

With just the right proportion of simple spices that allow the flavor of well-raised pork to play its important role, a tasty ham makes the perfect centerpiece for your holiday or weeknight table.

Questions do tend to come up about this small-batch, handmade, artisan product that is so different (and so much better) than the hams typically available in grocery stores. Click the FAQ link below for answers to all your questions or for an easy recipe. 


Recipe: Ham with Glaze

All meat is sold frozen.

For a little inspiration, check out this recipe review from a happy customer:

Charlotte hit the nail on the head with this recipe. I make my own stocks, so with a tiny splash of water to the baking dish, I added a frozen cube of pork stock, (made from OSR bones). Then I cooked my 3.1 lb. One Straw Ranch ham roast at 280 degrees for 2 hours 40 minutes, and it came out perfectly at 175 degrees, and super soft and tasty. . Next time I would add 150% of the specified ingredients for f the glaze, and to apply it both before and during the final broiling  stage, i.e. a second coat. it's a great glaze, perfect proportions. After a 10 minute rest, the ham sliced thinly with a very sharp chef's knife.   I froze the drippings and a few ounces of ham in a container for a future use in f ham and beans.. Delightful.  Thank to One Straw Ranch!!- Bill Higgins, Port Townsend



Pork, water, sea salt, paprika, turbinado sugar, celery powder, natural smoke concentrate, spices. **Please read each package label to confirm ingredients.