What we are grateful for.

November 24, 2021

Greetings from the farm as we all prepare for the upcoming holiday! 

Thanksgiving has long been my almost-favorite holiday. Of course Christmas has a special cozy magic and soul-fulfilling meaning of its own, and I would never actually try to choose between the two. But in my heart Thanksgiving is exceptional because it is about sharing with loved ones - not of material possessions, but of food and friendship.

It is a time of sharing the abundance of food we are so privileged to have, and expressing our thankfulness for the people with whom we are honored to share it. It is also a time to remember with gratitude all those who have touched our lives in so many positive ways, large and small, throughout the past year.

And in this we are abundantly blessed! You, our customers, have given us the privilege of growing your food. We love what we do, and feel called to this life of service to the land, the animals, and our neighbors. But without you, no matter how much we love the farm life and how worthy a cause we seek to fulfill, we could not continue.

So, we THANK YOU! You have our deepest gratitude for the support you give us, in so many ways - by choosing to eat the food we grow, sharing it with your loved ones, referring us to friends, and sharing your words of encouragement. 

We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving full of love, friendship and good food!


Charlotte, Martin, Eli & Vera

The hens received their traditional "pumpkin pie" a few days early. It's always fun to watch and see who will be the first one brave enough to try out that strange, though tempting, new object in their pasture! The hens are used to the Farmhands bringing them treats so their was no big concern over its edible-ness :)

Charlotte Frederickson

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