What Size Is That Egg?

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July 15, 2020

Pullet eggs are here! Remember back to Spring when you were subjected to all those photos of cute baby chicks? Well, those little balls of fluff have quickly grown into young hens (pullets) and are starting to lay eggs! 

These first eggs are super cute and really delicious. The yolk is a pretty orange and the white is really firm! But how to explain their size so you know if they'll work for your breakfast and baking projects? As an occasional data nut I just had to get out the kitchen scale - and I'm glad I did because it turns out the eye can be deceiving! I thought the pullet eggs would qualify as small eggs, but they are within a smidgen of meeting the standard of medium eggs! So of course I had to weigh a stack of our regular eggs. They all weighed in well over the minimum for X-Large eggs and over half of those qualified as Jumbo. Now, if you've purchased our eggs before you'll know that's the average weight for a full dozen. Year-round you'll see some smaller and some larger eggs in each carton because we don't actually "grade" our eggs. We just like them tasty and pretty and don't worry too much about meeting subjective standards - but it is fun to do the math every once in a while!

We only have a few dozen available this week, but more pullets are starting to lay every day. In fact to this point we've only been getting the brown and dark brown eggs, but this morning we found our first green egg. Yeah!

We love finding these first eggs and congratulating the girls on a job well done. And it's fun to watch the eggs get bigger and bigger as the days go on until they're full size. Did you know that even a full grown hen's eggs get larger, and lighter in color, as the season goes on?

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