What's A Tomme?

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May 20, 2020

This Is Tomme

In recent weeks we've been dropping hints about the advent of an exciting new cheese from our neighbors at Mystery Bay Farm, and it's finally here!

We're pleased to announce the release of Farmstead Tomme - Mystery Bay Farm's first ever aged cheese. And for this special release it's exclusively available to One Straw customers!

The thing about aged cheese is that, well, it needs to age. Which means we have to wait. And boy-oh-boy was it worth the wait! At 5 weeks old it is mild with a fresh, nutty flavor. This slice-able, snack-able, melt-able, delicious cheese pairs easily with just about anything from crackers to burritos to salads.

This is a super-approachable cheese. If you're skeptical of goat cheese due to it's reputation of having an overly-strong flavor, set your fears aside. This lovely tomme carries no "goaty" zing. But if you're already a goat cheese lover, delighting in all it's rich variants, neither will you be disappointed. These lovely wedges pack a complex, palate pleasing bouquet of flavor.

And while already delicious, this is really just a cheese in it's infant stage. As Rachael from Mystery Bay writes, "Tomme (or toma or tome) is a kind of petite, round, medium firm cheese made on the farm from which it's milk is sourced. Classically made during the late spring/early summer in the high mountains of Europe where the farmers take their animals to graze. It can be enjoyed anywhere from 4 weeks to 12+ months old. As it ages it's flavor becomes more complex and the cheese drier."

And, as always, Mystery Bay Farm only uses milk produced by their own goats so their cheese and yogurt reflect the excellent health of their animals and the land they thoughtfully steward.

So we invite you on a journey of cheese. Fall in love now with it's young freshness and then taste along as it ages to the full expression of an artisan-crafted tomme.

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