The quirky story behind the names of our 3 youngest herd cows.

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August 16, 2022

It’s a wrap! With the last calf of the year born healthy and happy, calving season is officially over.

The season was a bit stretched out this year as we waited for Roxie - a young heifer (cow that hasn’t yet had a calf). We knew she would calve later than the rest of the herd – some of us need a bit of extra time before we’re ready to be a momma (heck, I didn’t start until I was 36!).

With the first calf being born way back in May, it felt like a long wait for Roxie’s calf. But it was worth the wait! He is so darn cute.

Both momma and baby are doing well. They even posed together quite nicely for Martin to snap the perfect season-finale photo.

We’re proud of Roxie and are glad she’s joined our herd!

She’s actually one of three new heifers that we’ve added to the herd this year. You may remember Velma and Louise from earlier calving posts.

We had fun naming these girls.

Roxie was first – I was watching her in the pasture and the name just came to me and fit her perfectly.

If you’re a fan of the movie musical Chicago, you will recognize Roxie as the bright, bubbly, pugnacious little criminal.

Then of course I had myself a theme, so with other heifers to name I had to have a Velma - Roxie’s tough, smoldering, sultry counterpart in the musical.  

And you should see our Velma’s eyes! She looks like she has dark charcoal eyeliner drawn on quite heavily, like any good vaudeville starlet. With her stark white coat, it is really striking.

Because I love a theme, I tried really hard to name our third young heifer after another Chicago character, but none of them fit her personality.

So, I switched genre and came up with Louise, ala the movie Thelma (Velma) and Louise.

I don’t know that Louise’s personality fits the movie character – we’re still getting to know her - but the name is just perfect for her.

She’s so calm and cooperative, just watching what we do and learning the ways of the farm, but also a really attentive and loving momma.

When those traits go together, we’ve got ourselves a gem!

In the weeks before Roxie’s calf was born, we also welcomed these two sweeties.

B9 is an inquisitive little soul. His momma, Magda, is also Roxie's momma.

Magda declined to be in the photo with her child.

This is B10 and his momma, Moody Blue. I love how their eye patches are mirrored!

Now that all the calves are on the ground - and healthy and happy - we can breath a sigh of relief.

And start looking forward to more cute calves next year!

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