The Paths We Follow

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December 23, 2020

Each year I am grateful as the Winter Solstice arrives, ushering in the slow but steady return of longer days. It adds to the feeling of hope as the preparations for Christmas and the New Year are in their fullness of expectation. And it was extra fun this year when it brought us a brief blizzard with just enough snow for a tiny snowman - Farmhand Vera's first! 

In the spirit of taking a little rest this holiday week, I am going to let someone else do most of the talking. Recently we sat down for a interview (zoom, of course) with a journalist from the Washington State University Alumni magazine for an article in their Faces of Small Farms publication. The article talks about our background and does a nice job of telling the story of how Martin and I got into this farming gig. It's a story we don't usually talk about much, as current farm events tend to take the front row. You can read it here. It was good to reflect on the various meandering paths we've wandered, as well as those trod by our parents and grandparents, as we forge ahead on a track curving unseen around the next bend.

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