The Far Reach Of Your Food Dollar

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September 2, 2020

September is Eat Local First Month

Nice Job! You're already participating. 

Produce, grain, dairy and, of course, meat! are all lovingly raised on our county's fertile soil. What a blessing!

We've said it before and we'll say it many times again: Your local food dollars have more value than you know. Every time you buy a One Straw package of ground beef or a dozen eggs, you are supporting not only our small family farm but all the related small farms and farm businesses that we rely on. The farmers that breed our beautiful, healthy weaner pigs; the small-scale grain growers harvesting wheat and barley for the pigs and chickens; the local abattoir and the local feed store that provide jobs in our community and are also an important resource for other small farms and backyard homesteaders, and without whom the system is precariously fragile.  And it doesn't stop there. Because we know the difference in taste and quality of local food, and we see first hand the importance of having a thriving local food economy, we buy local for our household, too. So by helping provide us with a livelihood, you're also supporting the produce, grain, and dairy farmers that put food in our pantry and on our table three times a day. Plus, one thriving farm business encourages another to begin and our community becomes one farm stronger.

See? That package of pork chops you ordered really went a long way!

Thank you for your patronage!

Eat Local First Month is spearheaded by Eat Local First Olympic Peninsula. You can check out their website here. Look for the fork to find farms, restaurants, retailers, and other businesses that support local food production!

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