Spotlight on Sausage

May 12, 2021

Every once in a while we just can't help bragging on a product. This week it's sausage, with a particular focus on chorizo! This delicious pork sausage packs a rounded, spicy flavor and is delicious in so many recipes. Try a new recipe or spice up an old favorite!

In the One Straw kitchen, two chorizo dishes we are particularly fond of are

Paella and Loaded Cornbread.

I went looking for a picture of them to show you and we don't have one...turns out we're always so excited to chow down on these favorites that we've never taken the moment for a photo op. And there's never any leftovers! 

Other great uses for chorizo are

Omelets, Frittatas & Quiche

Chili & Stews

Tacos & Nachos

Rice & Bean Dishes

Anything involving Potatoes & Cheese

These sausages are a high quality eating experience!

And like all our sausages, the chorizo is free of fillers and other junk. No MSG. No nitrates. No GMO ingredients. Just delicious One Straw pork (or beef) complimented with the right amount of salt and spices. 

These tasty sausages also have a lower fat content than their commercial counterparts. This is not just odd bits of discarded trim - this is high quality muscle meat ground specifically to make decadent sausages. And instead of maximizing quantity by throwing in lots of extra fat, we ask the butcher shop to trim more heavily. This makes the sausage leaner so it doesn't all cook away into fat left in the pan.

Cook these beauties a little slower.

Because of the lower fat content, we actually suggest cooking the linked sausages in a little bit of oil to keep them from sticking. We also strongly suggest cooking them on a more gentle heat (whether on the grill or in the pan). Since there is less fat in the casing, cooking them too hot can dry them out. Much of the flavor and the juiciness is in the fat and you don't want to render it all away. 

Also, if you're cooking the sausage for a soup or sauce, don't drain off the fat (or at least not all of it)! It's going to add excellent flavor to your dish and pork fat is a great source of Vitamin D! 

Chorizo * Bratwurst * Breakfast * Ginger Pear * Italian * Spicy Italian

What's your favorite?

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