So many great answers, if only we knew the right question!

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August 10, 2022

We’ve had an interesting week of conversations with people and it’s got me thinking about our conversation with you!

Whenever there is an event – whether it’s a meeting, a presentation, or a personal conversation with a customer – I always wonder what people are going to be interested in hearing.

I mean, certainly you don’t want to get me started about fun chicken stuff, or Martin about pasture management, unless you really want to know ALLLLL about it :)

My first opportunity to educate about the farm this last week was with teachers from the Port Townsend School District.

The group spanned all subjects and all grade levels and I wasn’t sure where to begin – so I asked them what they wanted to know.

Pretty much unanimously they said they want to teach their students about systems. Cool for the kids, and also what a great topic to investigate on a livestock farm where EVERYTHING is connected by systems connected to other systems!

We had SO much to talk about. During a short break (baby Grace insisted on it), the AP English teacher and I even had a nice discussion about my favorite passage from our namesake book The One Straw Revolution. I see a blog post in the making…

Another farm discussion opportunity from this last week was answering some interview questions for some articles/posts the Food Coop will be publishing.

Since they are talking to a general audience who doesn’t know us like you do, it was questions like “how did you get started farming and what do you love about it.”

You, of course, have heard all this before in various ways, such as my “Over the Rainbow” pivotal love affair and Martin’s receiving-the-call-to-farm story. (Those are clickable links if you missed out.)

Just where am I going with all this?

It made me wonder what YOU want to know!

So I'm inviting you to ask me your questions.

Even if it’s simple, like “what’s your favorite color”. Mine is yellow. Eli’s is purple. Vera’s used to be blue but now changes week to week. And Grace hasn’t decided yet. Oops…now you have to think of another question to ask…

But truly, we’d love to hear it!

If you’ve always wondered but have been afraid to ask, now’s your chance.

As always, a real live farmer is standing by to give you an answer!

Waiting with baited breath,

Charlotte Frederickson

The Farmer Fredericksons, out standing in their field.

Hahaha! I crack myself up. That's one of my favorite cheesy farmer jokes but I try not to use it very often.

Thanks to the PT Food Coop for asking for an updated family photo! Sometimes it takes a specific deadline to make things like that actually happen :)

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