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May 3, 2022

Because you are a One Straw fan, we know that you enjoy eating well, appreciate having a direct connection to your food, and go out of your way to support small local businesses. 

We do, too! That's one of the many reasons we partner with other farms and businesses to bring you their products through our farm store. 

And you've probably seen One Straw meat and eggs at the Food Coop or the Corner Farmstand (so cool)! But did you know that several local restaurants and food artisans serve One Straw meat and eggs on their menus?!

With a farm, a business, and three kids, it's probably no surprise that on most nights we stay home. And while we eat well and deliciously, it's usually quite simply prepared (as can undoubtedly be surmised from the abundance of slow cooker meal recipes I share).

So, when the rare opportunity presents for a farmers' night out, we go looking for the high quality food we're used to eating, but prepared beautifully in ways we wouldn't do at home. Last week such an opportunity presented itself so we left the older Farmhands at home (with supervision, of course!) and ventured out to enjoy a quiet meal together.

We enjoyed our meal so much I just had to share it with you!

Where to go is usually a hard decision, but this time it was easy. Since the Bishop Block Bottle Shop opened last fall, Chef Cameron and I have been in frequent communication about which One Straw products will be on their menu. Just hearing what he's making with our meat and eggs makes me hungry! It was finally time to try it in person, and we were so impressed.

Each dish was a feast to the eyes and the palate! As Martin so aptly said, it was an explosion of flavor. We ordered plates to share and enjoyed them bite by bite, one by one as they were ready, sipping our locally crafted ales and enjoying the peaceful, welcoming environment. Mmmmmm. I am so, so ready to go back :)

Of course we should say that the One Straw Ranch chorizo, smoked in-house, was our favorite. But it played a really close race with the beautiful and delicious salmon tartare! And the pork rillettes was a taste-full starter.

Our thanks to Chef Cameron and the lovely women who brought such grace to the evening!

We are so happy to live and farm in a community where local restaurants serve locally grown products. It's not the easiest path for them - working with small local producers like us requires more logistics and planning than clicking "buy" from a big box wholesaler. But it is good for our community and the planet - and pretty darn delicious!

For the love of good food - at home or dining out!

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