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January 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce a new partner on the One Straw farm store - Crust Bakery!

It's hard work to cook everything from scratch. Honestly, sometimes I really just want to open a can of something for dinner. Really, really want to! But then I look at the label. Or I long for a store-bought dessert and then am regretful when the preservatives don't settle well and the experience is ruined. Thankfully there's help!

Crust Bakery soups, hand pies, and cookies are delicious! And as close to homemade as you can get without making it yourself. Simple, nutritious, whole food ingredients, mindfully sourced and hand crafted.

Crust is a two-woman bakery right here in Port Townsend, owned and operated by mother-daughter team Suzen and Kelli. You may know them or their products from the PT Farmers Market or various local food purveyors. With their four hands and two heads full of ideas, they craft delicious hand pies, soups, and cookies. Everything is made by hand in small batches with high quality ingredients that are sourced from local farms (which means working with the seasons) or are organic and fair trade (because not everything grows here).

The savory, warming soups are fully cooked and merely need to be reheated. They make an excellent companion to almost any One Straw cut of meat. We've made a few suggestions for pairings in the product descriptions for quick and hearty meals.

The hand pies and cookies are frozen uncooked for you to bake to perfection. Crust Bakery is, not surprisingly, most famous for their pie crust. Buttery, flakey, mmmmmm. It hardly needs a filling! During the farmers market season when the kids and I go to market on Saturdays, Farmhand Eli gets a few dollars to buy something for himself. He invariably chooses a hand pie from Crust (and one for his sister, too). We're always delighted with our treat (momma gets any leftovers). But guess what? They're even better still warm from the oven!

But I've saved my favorite product for last: Shaved Chocolate Cookies! These are also take-and-bake, allowing you to cook them to your preferred chewiness or crunchiness. I dare you to leave them on the pan to cool. Sugar is definitely not a primary ingredient in our household, but we do enjoy treats. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a dangerous move to have these cookies in our inventory...

Find out more about these savory and sweet products on the Pantry Staples page.

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