Smoked Ham & Bacon, Yum!

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July 15, 2020

Have you been hankering for SMOKED ham and bacon?

You've been asking and we've been planning.

Introducing Pork Shares

The bacon and ham we offer in the farm store is delicious. Ask anyone in the (unofficial) bacon club! But it's not smoked. Why? Because to sell meat in individual packages it has to be processed under USDA inspection and it turns out to be difficult to get the stamp of USDA approval on a smoke house. But our local custom-exempt butcher shop, Sunrise Meats in Port Angeles, has a smoke house and they produce amazing smoked ham and bacon! So there's the small catch. To get this delicious, smoky goodness, you have to Pre-Order a Pork Share.

Like we explained about the Beef Shares in a previous post (read it here), you are purchasing a share of a live animal which allows us to have it processed for you at a custom-exempt (State inspected) butcher shop. We're happy to be able to utilize this little loophole in the paperwork bureaucracy to bring you excellent meat from our local butcher shop at a great value!

But a Pork Share is much more than delicious smoked meats! In addition to bacon and ham, you'll receive a variety of your favorite pasture-raised One Straw Ranch pork cuts. We expect each share to be about 20-22 lbs of delicious chops, roasts, ground pork, bacon, and ham (visit the farm store to see estimated percentages of each). Yum! These shares should be ready for your freezer in (**see webstore for current availability and delivery date) and we'll contact you when it's ready to arrange pickup or delivery. Visit the Bundles page of the farm store to Pre-Order your pork share now!

Do you want more control over how your pork is processed and have a bit of freezer space? We also offer half and whole pigs! They'll be available to order on the farm store soon, but in the meantime you can email us directly for more information.

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