Perhaps the eggs are so good because of the Samba music?

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May 23, 2023


It's quite the cute egg packing crew we have working for us here at One Straw :)

And look at that stack of eggs! That’s not a “gross” of eggs, it’s a “Grace” of eggs.

I guess we’ll have to keep getting more chickens as she grows taller. Haha!

But seriously, you told us you never want to see the “sold out” button on eggs again – and we listened.

With the goal of providing fresh, tasty, local eggs all year round to the community we stepped up the chicken game - for a future without mid-winter egg disappointment.

Which means Farmer Martin gathers a stack of beautiful eggs like this every day.

And then they're lovingly hand packed into cute cartons by yours truly - with the adorable help of Farmhands Vera and Grace.

Of course, the job takes a bit longer having such good help… but it’s definitely more fun.

Farmhand Vera has the critical job of liberally distributing snacks to herself, Grace, and Buster the farm cat, who patrols outside the door, meowing hopefully for the occasional cracked egg to come his way.  (If you’ve ever come out to the farm to pick up your order, you’ve probably met Buster. He has a big personality!)

Vera also plays the truly vital role of Disc Jockey of the egg packing operation.

Currently she entertains us with LOUD Samba music, interspersed occasionally with a sunny pop of Sugar Ray. (An eclectic girl after my own heart!)

Customers tell us that our eggs are the best – thank you!

But why are they so good?

It could be because they’re pasture raised, or the high quality of the feed we give them, or the careful consideration Farmer Martin puts into their well-being.

Or it could be that they're danced into cartons to a lively Samba beat.

Until definitively proven otherwise, I prefer to believe the later.


And in case you haven’t noticed - your favorite eggs are now fully stocked at The PT Food Coop and Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

Connecting with you is the heart of what we do and brings us joy, so please keep ordering your eggs straight from us so we can see you and catch up!

But if you run out mid-week you can pop into either of those lovely establishments and pick up a dozen or two to tide you over.

Click here to buy Eggs 

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