Giving Thanks

posted on

November 25, 2020

At One Straw Ranch we are grateful for so many things!

For the blessing of living a vocation that permits us to work side by side, together as a family, so that we can gladly declare on even the longest days: farming is not our job, it is our life.

For the companionship of our animals and the gift of nutrient dense food they provide for us and our community. 

For the soil that readily accepts the natural inputs of our animals, sun, and rain, and in return grows lush feed for our animals and filters the air we breath.

And today, most of all, for the support of such a uniquely steadfast and encouraging food community. We are often thanked for growing good food, and we can earnestly respond to that recognition with our own reciprocal gratitude. Without the support of our customers we cannot do the work we do.

So, THANK YOU for supporting our farm and all the other farms in our vibrant, verdant community.

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