A New Staple - Family Farmed With Heart And Soil

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October 7, 2020

Breakfast just got even better! Lunch and dinner, too.

Introducing new products from Finnriver Farm & Grainery!

How lucky we are to be living in such an abundant foodshed! We are pleased to be offering another important food staple, "family farmed with heart and soil". 

Now available on the Pantry Staples page:
"Finnriver Red" whole wheat bread flour
"Early Sunrise" whole wheat pastry flour
Spelt Pancake & Waffle Mix

Perhaps you have stopped by the Finnriver Cidery in Chimacum for a glass of farm-made cider and a locally sourced dinner (we suggest the One Straw bratwurst plate), or you may have enjoyed the bounty of blueberries and produce from Finnriver Farm, but did you know they've also been busily growing grain right here in Chimacum Valley? Keith Kisler, a Finnriver co-founder who grew up on his family's 5th generation wheat farm in Eastern Washington, has been working with WSU's Sustainable Seed Systems Lab and the Bread Lab to cultivate grain varieties that thrive in our micro-climate. And now with their beautiful new Vermont-made stone mill, all that hard work is available to local home bakers and breakfast makers!

In our own kitchen we have been using Finnriver flour for baking and it is truly a delicious, high quality product, excellent for all applications. Sourdough bread and waffles, cookies, pie crust and cakes are all improved with this freshly stone-milled flour! Along with some eggs and breakfast links or bacon (One Straw, of course!), the Pancake & Waffle Mix is a great way to whip up a lovely breakfast. With a short, simple ingredient list, the sweet, buttery, nutty flavor of the spelt really shines. 

What can't we source locally?! The list is rapidly shrinking. And the beautiful thing is that the more we eat, the more farmers will be encouraged to grow, and our available choices will continue to expand. We are pleased to be partnering with amazing local food farmers and producers to provide increased access to good food. 

Thank you for supporting local food resiliency!


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