Field Trips for Farmers

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June 24, 2020

When you're cranking a ratchet strap on one side of the trailer and hoping the end on the other side stays hooked, it turns out it actually is useful to have a three year old who likes to pull on ropes. And when a one year old (who looooves to climb on things) is entertained, it's as good as having help! Haha.

Actually, going to Adophsen's Farm in Sequim is one of the Farmhands' favorite outings. Perhaps in part because it's one of their only outings...sorry deprived kids! But they love seeing the big, iconic red barn, watching Mr. Adolphsen load the grain with the forklift, helping with the important job of tying down, and snacks in the truck. And then when we get home daddy unloads the grain with the tractor and there's a whole new tote jungle to play in. A whole ritual pleasing to toddlers!

The Farmers appreciate this outing, as well. Though for different, but not necessarily less joyful, reasons. We are grateful to have quality local grain so readily available.  No commercially prepared mash for our pigs and hens! The wheat and barley is mixed on the farm with organic supplements, such as kelp meal, to provide a complete, balanced, GMO-free diet.

And you have reason to be happy when we make this trip, too! The Adolphsen brothers are good farmers, really nice human beings, and an important aspect of food security on the Peninsula. The wheat and barley they grow is part of the equation for the delicious pasture-raised pork and eggs you love to eat. When you support us, you are supporting them, as well as a whole network of local farms and farm-related businesses. So enjoy your pork chops even more, knowing that you are helping to build resiliency in our food system. Thank you, from all of us!

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