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May 14, 2024

Did you see our Big News? We're moving the farm and the farmers to Chimacum!

If you missed it, click here to get caught up on the back story of our exciting move.

Then follow along here - I'll keep you updated as events happen, getting us ever closer to our big move.

Update 6/19/24 - It's Here!


In the ongoing saga of our “home-for-the-farmers” journey, the most anticipated step was completed this week.

Our house arrived! It made the trek all in one piece (well, two pieces, actually), and everything went smoothly.

I have to say, it was a day full of apprehension and excitement, both vying for first place. Not to mention the worries and preparations in the many weeks leading up to this. Soooo many things could have gone wrong. From the farm road being too narrow, to the house being the wrong color, the list of things we fretted about was endless.

Ask Martin sometime about the nightmares he had in the days leading up to this… Some of them are actually quite comic (since they didn’t come true). But at the end of the long day watching our house being moved in and installed, we breathed a huge sigh of relief. And then took a deep breath of gratitude.

We’re not moved yet - there’s still much work to do – but we’re over the scariest hurdle. Our pretty new house is on the foundation and we love it.

As you can probably imagine, I snapped a few photos throughout the big day. You've been on this journey with us, and I thought you'd like to see how it all went down.

Surprising us all, the house arrived from the narrow, winding end of West Valley. We were all focused the other way, expecting it to come down Center and through Chimacum.

Farmhands Eli and Vera were front and center all through the day.


Farmhand Grace getting the first peek inside.


Quite a lot of prep work went into making sure our farm lane was wide enough for the house. Limbing of trees, relocating various bits of farm equipment, widening the road bed. And it all paid off, as the house passed between barns, fences and trees with even a bit of room to spare.


I found it fairly surreal to watch our house arrive. You have some land with no house. Then, presto - a house all in one day. Pretty cool. 

The Farmhands totally cracked me up in this video, each with their own reaction to the excitement. I just had to share it with you.

So much activity to watch. It's a pretty amazing process to watch as the crew set up the equipment to slide it over onto the foundation. Amazing, but a bit tedious at times. Luckily we have huge dirt piles to climb on - and lots of snacks to help pass the time.


At last it's here, safely on the foundation. Work on the interior will begin in a few weeks after the house has time to settle into place. 

Update 5/22/24 - Looking forward to being Home On The Farm.

On Sunday, after church, we all stopped at the Chimacum farm to meet the first calf of the year.

After we all piled out and got booted up to tromp down the hill and through the pastures, I noticed this tableau and had to snap a picture.


Because guess what…

We won’t be seeing that scene for much longer.

You see, we have always lived on Marrowstone and also farmed in Chimacum – so there’s always been chores to do scattered all over the county.

Which means that pretty much every time we’ve left the farm for the last 10 years, we’ve carted along a whole costume change.

Whether we’re going to church, family dinner, shopping, birthday party, out to dinner, you name it.

Farmer Martin is a master of the quick wardrobe change, I’ve done chores in pearls and rubber boots more times than I can count.

Never mind all the times I’ve begged in vain for the Farmhands not to dirty their clean clothes.

Farmhand Grace is the worst offender, but since I’ve given up on trying to keep her clean it doesn’t matter. And she only wears her rubber boots, no matter the occasion ;)

But all that’s about to change when we move to Chimacum and all our animals live where we live.

And you know what, I really don’t think I’m going to miss planning every outing around chores and muddy boots.

We got word this week that the construction is nearly done on our house. It’s sitting in the factory in Idaho, just waiting on a few last cupboard doors.

Looks like the days of carting along farm boots everywhere we go are about to come to an end.


Which means it will soon be much easier to visit the brand new babies, enjoy the mystery of searching for them in the tall grass, and simply be more present.

Update 5/14/24 - The foundation is in!

The concrete trucks came last week, and we had a family picnic day watching all the activity.


The Farmhands are excited to be watching each step of the process, and being part of our future home from the ground up.


Now, with the stem walls in place, there’s a clear visual sign and it’s starting to feel more and more real.

This is actually happening and our new home in Chimacum is almost in sight. Yay!


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