Delicious, Nutritious, Beautiful Eggs

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February 10, 2021

What's up with the different egg colors?

Do the mahogany eggs taste better? Do the blue/green celadon eggs have more nutritional quality? Farm fresh eggs are superior to commercial eggs, both taste and quality, but it's not the shell color. A wholesome diet and a happy, healthy life are what make the eggs from our hens extra-delicious and packed with nutrition. So, do you need an Easter-egg carton to enjoy the healthful benefits of farm fresh eggs? No. But to the extent that beauty affects our perception of an experience, they are undeniably more joyous to prepare.

The air is chilly, snow is in the forecast, and we don't expect the sodden soil to dry out any time soon, but we are grateful to see harbingers of a rapidly approaching Spring. One of our favorite signs is a more colorful carton of eggs!

Many of our girls worked hard all winter and kept everyone in eggs - I think we only sold out once or twice last fall during holiday baking season! But some of the girls, notably the green, blue, and mahogany layers, decided a little R & R was in order. Then, just a few weeks past the winter solstice, as day length slowly increased, they decided it was time to get back to work and their colorful eggs started filling the basket.

But have those pretty celadon and mahogany eggs started gracing the cartons yet? Not all of them. Because we're saving the very best to hatch a new layer flock! It's a brief sacrifice of late winter color that will begin to pay off this summer by the dozen. Luckily we have all we need to fill the incubators so soon all those pretty eggs will be making their way into your omelets.

The gorgeous dozen in the picture above was a moment of serendipity. Normally I work with three to four dozen eggs at a time, projecting the ratio of colors currently being laid in order to spread the color love out fairly. But those were the final 12 at the end of the carton-ing session, and I couldn't bring myself to divide them. Not often do eggs fall into place so agreeably. This is, honestly, the prettiest dozen of eggs I've seen in quite a while.

A lucky someone received it last weekend. Was it you?!

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