Mystery Bay Farm is a small-scale family farm operating on five acres on Marrowstone Island. They produce farmstead goat milk cheeses and yogurt from their 20-25 American Alpine dairy goats. Farmstead means they make all of their cheeses and yogurt using only the milk from their own animals. Each goat has been raised on their farm and has a name and a distinct personality (go visit and their 9 year old can tell you the line up!). Since their goats 'are what they eat', they judiciously monitor their food. In contrast to cows and sheep, goats prefer to browse plants such as blackberry, wild roses, trees, and ivy rather than graze, and cannot get all of their necessary nutrients from a grass-only pasture. In turn, they provide high quality milk with undertones of our maritime climate. Mystery Bay only substitutes their varied pasture seasonally with local hay, seaweed and organic grain.

Mystery Bay Farm