~farmed with heart and soil~

Finnriver co-founder Keith Kisler grew up working with his family on their 5th generation wheat farm in Eastern Washington – learning the rhythms of farm life, the way to fix a tractor, and how to work long days. Now he's carrying on the grain-growing tradition of his family here in Chimacum Valley. 

Finnriver Grain works with the researchers and whole grain advocates from the WSU Bread Lab and the WSU Sustainable Seed Systems Lab to trial and grow out heritage and modern varieties selected for flavor and nutrition and that grow well in western Washington's maritime climate in organic conditions—including spelt, wheat, barley, rye, quinoa and buckwheat. 

All Finnriver grains are currently grown in the Chimacum Valley and are Certified Organic, and the flours are fresh-milled to order on our traditional stone mill — a beauty made in Vermont by New American Stone Mills with their local granite – and operated slowly and gently to preserve maximum nutrition in the grains.

Finnriver Farm & Grainery

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