Pork Share

Pork Share

October Delivery
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Please read entire product description before ordering and contact us if you have any questions.

Box contains 20-22 lbs of pork cuts. Box contents will vary as each box is a portion of an individual animal; a typical pig is proportioned in the following percentages so your share will be roughly equivalent:

  • 16% Chops
  • 30% Roasts & Country Ribs
  • 13% Bacon
  • 32% Ham, Ham Slices & Hocks
  • 10% Ground Pork

Sold as a share of an animal, you are buying a portion of a live animal that will be humanely slaughtered on our farm and aged and packaged at Sunrise Meats in Port Angeles. If you are used to purchasing meat from us by-the-cut, you will notice differences in the product due to the meat being processed by a different butcher shop:

  • The meat will be wrapped in one layer of plastic and one layer of paper rather than our typical vacuum-sealed packages.
  • Bacon and Hams are brined and smoked rather than just brined. Hooray for smoked meats!

The weight of your share will vary slightly based on the actual weight of the animal.

For more about our Shares and how they work, read our blog post about Beef Shares here.

**We currently estimate that your share will be ready for your freezer in early October. We'll contact you to arrange pickup or delivery. Please note that you will receive an automatic order confirmation with a delivery date of the upcoming weekend, but your meat will not be available until October!**

Good things are worth the wait!