Pork Back Fat

Pork Back Fat

$1.49/lb. Avg. 5 lb.
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Our diets need fats to absorb certain vitamins, and lard is rich in healthy oleic acid and free of the trans fats found in synthetic shortenings. And it’s delicious! This is raw pork back that must be rendered before use.

Rendering your own lard sounds intimidating, but it couldn’t be easier and results in a superfood for your body! Render lard low and slow in a pan in the oven (275-300 degrees), in a slow cooker, or in a kettle on the stovetop (low). When the lard is melted, strain through cheesecloth into a jar. Use the rendered lard in place of vegetable shortening in baking recipes, in the frying pan, or melt and use as oil in nearly any cooking application.

All meat is sold frozen.

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