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Deposit - Custom Quarter Beef

Deposit - Custom Quarter Beef

Save 23%!
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Purchasing this item is a non-refundable deposit. Please read entire product description before ordering and contact us if you have any questions.

Purchasing a Custom Quarter Beef provides the high quality meat you expect and supports local food system resilience, and it even comes at a significant discount. Purchasing a Custom Quarter Beef is a 23% savings over retail! Hooray!

When you purchase a Custom Quarter Beef, you are purchasing a share of an animal before slaughter, which is butchered on our farm and packaged at a local butcher shop. This arrangement eliminates transport stress on the animal, gives you the customer control over how the meat is prepared, and supports other small businesses on the Olympic Peninsula.

To download a PDF of the full breakdown of the estimated costs, please click here: Custom Quarter Beef

The total cost of your Quarter Beef is based on the actual weight of the animal and the actual processing costs from the butcher shop. 

You will make two separate payments on the balance: 

  • One payment to One Straw Ranch for the beef following the on-farm slaughter. This payment will be based on the "hanging weight" of the animal, which is the weight after all the inedible portions have been removed. The price for a Custom Quarter Beef is $5.10 per pound, and the weight can range from 140-165 lbs. The cost of slaughter is additional and is also included in this invoice. Your deposit will be credited to this balance, and payment is due after slaughter, before your meat is packaged.
  • One payment to Sunrise Meats when your meat is ready to pick up. This cost is also based on the hanging weight and will vary on the weight of the animal.

On average, a Custom Quarter Beef will cost around $930 in total. You receive approximately 100 lbs of beef cuts - steaks, ground beef, roasts, stew meat, the works! In the process you save around $285!

The meat will be wrapped in one layer of plastic and one layer of paper (different from our typical vacuum sealed packages). We will have them cut it to our typical specifications to maximize value and utilization, but if you would like to specify how your meat is cut and packaged you can work directly with the butcher shop. When your meat is packaged and frozen you will need to pick up your order from Sunrise Meats in Port Angeles.

To download a PDF of the full breakdown of the estimated costs, please click here: Custom Quarter Beef

**We currently estimate that your beef will be ready for your freezer mid-September. We will be in contact with you as we confirm slaughter dates. Please note that you will receive an automatic order confirmation with a delivery date of the upcoming weekend, but your meat will not be available until September!**

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