Bird Suet Cakes

Bird Suet Cakes

For the love of your wild backyard feathered friends!

All natural suet bird feeder and outdoor ornament. Treat yourself to a joyful aerial performance as the birds feast. Handmade with simple, wholesome, local ingredients, the birds will eat as well as you do! Simply grass-fed One Straw Ranch beef suet, organic Finnriver grain, and a sprinkling of non-gmo seeds from the garden. You'll enjoy watching them eat as much as they'll appreciate the gift of extra energy and nutrients during the long winter months.

These lovely suet cakes are self-feeding - the packaging twine doubles as a hanger when strung through the center hole and tied. They may also be fed in any commercial suet cake feeder or by setting on the rail of your deck or other flat surface.

No-melt and shelf stable! These suet cakes stay solid until temperatures are consistently above 90 degrees, at which point they will start to soften.  Therefore you may store the suet cakes at room temperature and they may be fed throughout most of the year in our cool climate. We do recommend refrigeration for extended storage.


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